WVS Care for Dogs shelter

The ​WVS 'Care for Dogs' shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand cares for abandoned, abused and injured dogs every day, every week and every year. These dogs are strays that have been living on the streets - unwanted and unloved, until they find sanctuary here at the shelter.

The shelter provides an efficient and sustainable rescue service, proactively finding street and temple dogs and bringing them back to the shelter for veterinary treatment and rehabilitation which is directly situated next to our Thailand International Training Centre (ITC).

The aim of the shelter is to provide essential emergency and long-term veterinary care, which ultimately improves the lives of the abandoned, abused and injured dogs living on and off the streets in Chiang Mai. These dogs’ lives are being saved from a lifetime of hunger, danger and abuse. The shelter also aims to humanely reduce the numbers of unwanted stray and abandoned dogs by running sterilisation projects (in conjunction with the Thailand ITC)

The shelter and its staff of volunteers are caring for these dogs and have a constant stream of emergency cases. These dogs are being brought to the shelter, as there is nowhere else to go. The shelter is their sanctuary, their home and a place where they can be cared for until they can find their new forever home. The shelter holds regular adoption campaigns where prospective owners can learn more about the shelter and get to know the dogs. However, the dogs at the shelter continuously need new homes and the shelter works to achieve this. There are some dogs that despite best endeavours will never find a 'forever home', for these dogs, the shelter will continue to champion them and they will live out the rest of their lives at the shelter, being cared for.

The WVS Care for Dogs shelter relies completely on donations to carry on this essential work, from dog rescue and rehabilitation to finding a dog their forever home and educating the public on the importance of animal welfare.

Please think about the dogs that are in the shelter right now along with the thousands of dogs that we haven't met yet. They need us and they need you, to provide them with the care that they so desperately need.

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WVS Care for Dogs shelter

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