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85% of all new infectious disease are from livestock. Zoonotic disease (diseases people catch from animals) account for at least 60% of all known infectious disease. Vets are be on the front line of emerging diseases and have the powers to protect not only animals but also people. The grand plan is to utilise the core infrastructure of the Mission Rabies programme and start to tackle other infectious diseases, broadening the teams scope to help more animals and protect more people.

If we have the teams travelling out to rural communities to vaccinate dogs, why not also take some vaccines to stop chickens getting Newcastle disease or wormers to eliminate echinococcus (a parasitic worm carried by dogs that results in the death of at least 2 million people a year). We can expand our educational programmes to cover different diseases and husbandry tips, we can synergistically work with other maazing charities pooling expertise and driving forward as a united front.

Let's use the unique GPS disease surveillance mapping we have developed through the rabies elimination programme and expand this to start mapping other diseases and build up local core veterinary infrastructure. Even better - why don't we not only supply veterinary drugs but also human drugs and link in with human health teams!

This could be a winner - but obviously we need a bus. Wheels are key. In fact we need 2 to cover Blantyre District and we'll call in the One Mission project. Help fund a bus, then come and ride on it with us - bring some expertise, soft drinks or just share a bit of your energy!

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One Mission

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Each bus will cost £40,000 (big buses with a few things inside them) - then we need drivers, fuel, maintainence costs and logistical costs. So it all adds up (arrrgh!) - basically £250,000 is the target for this project and it is guaranteed to help tens of thousands of animals and people. Promise.

One Mission