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The last month has been a whirlwind. First, the big drama in the build up to the Christmas school play. Apparently little Eddy had a (sizeable) wee on stage in the dress rehearsal – all was ok because the...


Merry Christmas

Ben and Rebecca, our two adopted ‘rescue rabbits’ are in fine festive mood. As far as pet rabbits go, they are about as wild as they come, but they seem happy and if they had access to little Christmas...


Chickens have arrived!

Snapped the front door key in half trying to change a tyre on the mountain buggy. Not the smartest move, but then we all have our moments. In hindsight, I should have got Noah onto the job – he’s...


Catch anything

Vaccinating 60,000 street dogs in 30 days – no messing about there. 500 people from 14 different countries driving things on – honour to work with such a great bunch of altruistic volunteers – you couldn’t employ an army...


Donner Pass

In early 1846 a group of California bound emigrants got stuck at a place called Donner Pass. 22ft of snow, no roads, only a bear and a couple of native American Indians to eat between them. Bit of a...