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SHED of POWER!!!!!

This one sounds a bit random but is super important. WVS sends out parcels containing medical donations, veterinary equipment, text books to non-profit animal charities and charity vet clinics all over the world. It's a winner as we can make sure meds don't go to waste and get to help animals in places where there are few options!

In 2016 we sent over 850 parcels and in the last 5 years we've sent out over £1.5m worth of donations to support animals in extreme places. The kicker is that the shed where we sort all our parcels and from where we manage the parcel appeals is falling apart. It's a drama.

Since it is a major part of what we do and obtaining grants for sheds is quite tricky, WVS is launching an appeal to get it all fixed up, sorted and organised. The fundraising target is £5,000. It would be amazing to have your support!






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