Gideon Gamble

Ghengis Khan left a vacuum of power when he died. All got a bit awkward between brothers and I really hope that little Gideon and Noah don’t have a similar fallout when I pop off. Unlikely to be honest. It’s not exactly as if I have the largest empire on earth to pass on and I doubt Pilgrims Veterinary Practice is really going get them all fired up as to who gets the great pleasure of taking that little business on.

Turns out that the Grandson – Kublai Khan – is the really hardcore achiever of the dynasty though. I can’t tell you much about him yet as I have only just started this last book in the series, but suffice to say this gripping series of books by Conn Iggulden got me into a touch of trouble during Gideon’s birth.

The problem was that the midwife was determined to talk pets with me during the whole labour, and whilst she was a lovely lady, I couldn’t help being distracted by the unraveling events of the Mongol dynasty between 1229-41AD. I’d done my best for seven hours of banter with various people about their animals but when I failed to acknowledge the wonder of the midwife’s four legged friend, Cords was prompted to come off the gas and air and partake in the ‘small talk’ on my behalf before gently nudging me to pay attention.

Needless to say, I now know everything about a chocolate Labrador called Rolo – who has a bit of hip dysplasia and sheds a lot of hair in the summer. The midwife knows I passed my driving test on the 4th February 1984 – an exciting conversation.

Anyway, whilst this sharing of knowledge was going on, Cords was being absolutely incredible and little Gideon was born at 17.47 on the 4th February 2012. This picture is little Gideon about 30mins old.
It’s a good birthday – year of the Dragon – and he is absolutely perfect and we are over the moon. Noah and Sheba have a little brother and Team Gamble is stronger, bigger and better than ever.

Of course, with a newborn in the house, Noah and Sheba are having to endure a bit of Dad time taking them to the weekly events they have lined up. I definitely made an impact at Music Bugs – my rendition of 5 little ducks was universally deemed ‘original’. And I absolutely made a splash at the weekly swimming classes – at least, I elicited smiles from several of the Mothers who were poolside.

Initially, I thought these smiles were signs of sympathetic encouragement, rather than mocking the fact it had taken me an age to locate my little charges who hysterically decided to lock themselves in a changing cubicle for ten minutes ‘hiding from me’ – or the fact I had to make about fifteen trips backwards and forwards to the toilets and changing rooms before we actually got in the water.

It was only as we left the pool did the realization as to why I was such a comedy hit with the other swimmers dawn on me.

“Nice tummy,” the lifeguard grinned as I lead Noah and Sheba to the sanctum of the changing area.

Looking down at my stomach, I had to admit he had a point. Two huge eyes and big smiley face drawn around my belly button looked back at me.

Lesson to be learned – if drawing on your stomach to make your kids laugh, don’t do it in permanent marker. It’s still there, a week later and swimming is back on for tomorrow.

Little Gideon – welcome to the family, you’re in for a treat…
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